Flora's Piece

Flora's Piece

A walk in the Serras d'Aire e Candeeiros!
One moment we're walking on beaten earth furrowed by water.
The next, we're trekking through the forest, along narrow paths designed by the nocturnal passage of wild boar.
Between the oaks and the crags, the vegetation thickens and multiplies in blankets of green tones, with colourful hints of various flowers here and there.

It rained, but now the sun is shining, spreading bits of light through the cutouts in the branches of the trees, through the most resilient leaves.
The scent of the wet earth mixes with the freshness of the vegetation, where rosemary, almost always in bloom, predominates.
The light flickers quietly in the drops that drip slowly down the stillest branches and the most delicate flowers.
All the senses travel along the trail in a harmonious composition of the nature of these mountains of air and light...


Rute is an artist who works with handmade ceramics. She was invited by Manulena to make a limited edition of 30 pieces, all handmade.
Handmade ceramic piece designed by the artist Rute Dias, exclusively for Manulena.
Barrolaria - Rute Dias.



At the heart of the mountains, the artist began her journey, carefully choosing samples of the local local flora. Back in the studio, the plants are meticulously arranged on a table, before being pressed into the clay to create the piece. After drying and cutting, the is moulded into a cylindrical shape and attached to the base with the brand's stamp. A The piece is then adorned with oxides and paints, glazed and fired twice in a kiln. In the end, a unique piece emerges, a synthesis of human skill and natural exuberance. exuberance.

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