Who we are



It all began 50 years ago at the sanctuary of Fatima's door

The history of manulena begins 50 years ago when Manuel Pedro Custódio, a determined and ambitious man, started cycling to churches And to the sanctuary of fatima in order to sell religious candles that He produced. He made the business grow quickly and, from religious candles and Lighting, manulena advanced to making lines of products for decoration, Ambiance and, recently, for cosmetics. From parents to children, the company has always grown in a sustainable Way and with high standards of excellence. This allowed the Company to export to the best international brands from demanding Luxury markets such as the united kingdom, spain, france, germany And the united states, to an amount that already corresponds to 60% Of the company’s earnings. The goal is to continue to invest in technological and human investment And thus fulfill the goal of making the company grow and to Preserve the name and history achieved over these past 50 years of Activity.
pedro-custodio-1968 Manuel Pedro Custódio at 1955



Technology, innovation, quality

We know the process from A to Z., combining quality, innovation and technology.
We have an extensive range of products, reflecting the constant evolution of the markets and the brand longevity.